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Sold My Bitcoin Too Soon: Second Chance With Cloud Tokens (

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My name is Simon McCarthy, age 30 and I am a Fraud analyst for an online gambling website. I sold my bitcoin in 2013. It wasn’t like I had tens of thousands of bitcoin to sell but if I hadn’t cashed out then, I could retire now. I gave away my winning lottery ticket.

I sit at my desk fantasising about the what-if. Watching for the money hit my account, and immediately rising from my work station, rich and somehow untouchable. I say my piece (something devastatingly witty) and stride out of the office. The Prodigy’s Diesel Power plays, my boss waves his fist in slow motion, mouthing something I don’t have to listen to. I pretend not to notice the girls who are noticing me. I hold my palm up to the exit and the doors fly clean off the building, because now I have super powers, because this is my fantasy and the laws of physics doesn’t apply here. I casually throw a lit match behind me.

I’m sure if the day actually came where I could walk out I would be far more pleasant. I’d leave the doors on at least.

I’ve had time to make my peace with my bit-fail. In 2015 I started building a wallet of other cryptos at the crowdfunding stage. Not super big bucks, a few hundred here and there. I’m playing it relatively safe. A few are looking like they’ll pay off but I just can’t cash out. Serious FOMO (fear of missing out). My blood pressure struggled with Ethereum in June this year.

One ICO that really stands out from the crowd in an overly flooded overly trending market is Cloud Token ( IMO, I can see Cloud Token climbing from $10 to $100 in the first few weeks. The demand is there and these tokens can be used for something right away… Half price AWS and Azure anyone? You can’t mine for more and only 30m are available. Good luck trying to get a piece of the pie after the ICO ends, it’s going to sell out long before then.

The crowdfund from tokens is being used to bootstrap a decentralised cloud, they’re already in Phase Two. They’ve already laid the foundations even before the launched their token pre sale. They even have a clause in the white paper that says anyone in the company can’t cash out their own tokens for 12 months, but we can. These aren’t amateurs.

Remember the Silicon Valley Pied Piper episode? This is it! Everyone will be able to donate a little computing power to create one giant cloud, which we can all use for a fraction of the cost of today’s cloud service providers. We get privacy, we get paid for contributing, we pay less for services. I’d be a fool not to buy in now. This could be my new retirement fund.

This is the Crowdsale official page: