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How to Get Free Dogecoin Using Any Device

To Cryptocurrency users, the word “Dogecoin” isn’t a strange word. This is because the Dogecoin which is a form of cryptocurrency a lot like the Bitcoin and the Litecoin is one of the most quickly developed cryptocurrencies in the world. Originally, created on December, 8th 2013 as a “joke currency”, the Dogecoin (DOGE) commonly denoted by the symbol “Д is a decentralized digital currency that enables users to send money online and is commonly referred to as a fun and rapidly growing form of digital currency. As of June 2017, total market capitalization for the Dogecoin stood at USD 340 million with a vast and rapidly growing online community of users. The Dogecoin which features the “Shiba Inu” which is a Japanese dog can be used in the purchase of goods and services and can also be used to trade for other cryptocurrencies such as the Bitcoin or fiat currencies such as the US Dollar, Euro, Pounds.

The Dogecoin Race Car Is A Reality
The Dogecoin Race Car Is A Reality!

By June 30th, 2015, Dogecoin mined its 100 billionth coin. A renowned application of the Dogecoin is in the domain of internet tipping, where users give Dogecoins as tips to other users for providing interesting information. The Dogecoin as with many other cryptocurrencies is completely anonymous, extremely secure and decentralized.

Dogecoin is fairly easy to use. The user only needs to get a Dogecoin wallet which can be gotten online using any device such as a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Also, it operates on both Windows and Linux OSes. Interested users can get a wallet from Doge Chain which is the largest, most trusted Dogecoin wallet get one here from the largest, and most trusted Doge Wallet available online. Once the wallet has been created, all the user has to do is get some Dogecoin and use it, and of course stay up-to-date via computer, website or smartphone. To get Dogecoin is pretty easy. Users simply need to find a Dogecoin faucet which is a website specialized in the collecting and redistribution of dogecoins from contributors. Some of them are discussed below.

1. Moon Dogecoin

Users of Bitcoin are familiar with the Moon Bitcoin. With the coming of the Dogecoin, the creators of Moon Bitcoin also came up with the Moon Dogecoin which is probably the most frequent and highest paying dogecoin faucet available. It is very easy to use as users can claim Dogecoins when they want. Also, if users do not claim frequently, it slowly adds up Dogecoins to their balances until they are claimed. Click here to claim

2. Free Dogecoin

Users looking to claim some free Dogecoins can go to the website and try their luck by playing the simple game every hour in order to win dogecoins of up to $150. This faucet also gives users the ability of withdrawing their dogecoins instantly or they can choose to enable automatic payouts where their balance will be automatically paid out each Sunday. Referrals can also give users 50% of anything those referred get plus free lottery tickets each time referrals play.


This is another very easy faucet to use. Users simply need to enter their dogecoin wallet address and claim Dogecoins. It is also good since users can ask for reminders after every three hours so they do not miss a claim. Click on to claim your dogecoins


This works similarly to Here, users simply need to enter their Dogecoin address, the verification code and get their dogecoins. To access this website, simply click on this link

5. CM Monitor Dogecoin Faucet

Here, users can make a good number of dogecoins as users can claim up to 10 doge coins every 10 minutes. All that is needed again is the user’s dogecoin address. Click on the link to claim coins.

There are many free Dogecoin faucets. Users of dogecoins can always get a faucet through which they can get Dogecoins. Dogecoins are a rapidly increasing form of cryptocurrency due to its convenience, reliability, anonymity and security and is a good form of digital currency for users.