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Effective Use of Initial Coin Offerings for Funding Projects

ICOS have altered how startups raise funds

When running a business, it is hard to sustain the control of your firm and vision, particularly where realizing short-term objectives is normally more cherished, compared to realizing success that is long-term. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) can assist you to attain that objective.

ICOs present an open space, which is unregulated that offers innovation possibilities in everything, such as financing to ownership. It presents a new investment technology where value is allocated and exchanged with maximum flexibility. It can implement the stakes for the start of a new economy and offer founders more freedom.

Defining an ICO

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) allows financing of projects via selling cryptocoins or tokens that are the same as a company’s shares. However, equity is not exchanged.

Supporters and investors of the project are able to buy them via an IPO (Initial Public Offering) transaction using flat, for instance Euro or USD or cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. Normally, an ICO puts up a minimum objective for fundraising and a timespan to attain that objective, similar to Kickstarter.

In case the requirements of the funds are attained in the timeframe specified, the cash collected is utilized to finance the project and the firm is able to allocate tokens to investors, which can be traded on public cryptocurrency exchanges such as Gemini or Poloniex.

A lot of individuals in the blockchain society believe that ICOs present a solution that has been long awaited for non-profit foundations to collect capital. This is particularly if they desire to create open-source software.

This applies to Ethereum ICO, which is an application that is decentralized, founded on blockchain technology. Ethereum raised $18million in its initial 2014 crowdsale. At the time, this was the hugest ever and Ethereum holders have attained huge increase of their holdings, since the coin has risen in worth, from lower than $4 to more than $250, at the period of this writing.

Normally, the team forming the ICO fixes a date for the sale of the token. In many instances, a share of for instance, 5-10% of the overall tokens are kept away to be sold by the development team as a way to go on engineering the project.

Depending on the kind of project that the ICO is backing and the aim of the vehicle utilized for the ICO, the structure can alter.

How to Build Your own ICO

Present Solutions

Numerous services are providing the essential back-end infrastructure for forming your ICO then control future transactions that might occur freely on varied exchanges.

At first, it is very crucial to spend time on your ICO’s legal aspects, white paper and financial details. In case you are amassing funds from US investors, you shall need to ensure they are certified investors.

It might sound strange, but you do not require a blockchain to release or enable your coins trading. A lot of individuals simply create a website, input their Ethereum or Bitcoin addresses and begin to collect money.

Many times, organizations manage coins in cold storage, which signifies that you are in possession of a login and password to see the balance and control it; however, it is not actually a coin in a blockchain. In such a case, mostly the trading occurs on centralized exchanges; therefore, there is no movement of the coins at all.

Many times, they shall present the KYC for raising the funds of the first coin offering but will not manage to carry out the KYC after exchanging of the coins on a public exchange.

  • Today, is perhaps the most famous and most trustworthy solution in case you require trading of your coins. Ethereum is created to form smart contract and offers a total solution to set up a crowed sale for trading tokens in an organization for blockchain.
  • Another option worth considering in future for selling your tokens is Lightning Network. The transaction can occur on this top layer but recording of the settlement can be done on Bitcoin blockchain.

In case you do not wish your transactions expenses to rely on a public blockchain, you shall need to establish your personal blockchain.

What establishes your coins’ cost?

You can determine the amount you want to raise and how many tokens or coins will be emitted. This shall establish the first cost of your coins. Afterwards, after they start selling on cryptocurrency exchanges, the cost shall adhere to supply and demand laws on the free market.

Similar to any other stock that is traded, it shall vary depending on the applicable project data, team trust and responses of the first and future investors of the project.

What expenses are connected to running your personal ICO?

Other than the legal expenses connected to your business registration and financial and legal advices linked to your ICO, the price of running an ICO, for instance on Ethereum, is minimal.

This involves putting up your token (Ecr20) characteristics by forming a smart contract then submitting registration fees to the blockchain every time a transaction occurs.

Much of the expenses shall be connected to promoting your ICO to investors. Anticipate to spend a minimum of $50k-$100k on online marketing, PR, brand marketing and communication. Majority of serious transactions present a kind of pre-ICO funding for financing the marketing expenses connected to an ICO launch.

Where to market your ICO

Majority of ICOs need to be promoted to realize your fundraising objective in a very short span of time. can assist you to connect with digital currency investors. Each reply incurs a charge of $10.

Partnerships that have existing exchanges also offer a method of having your ICO announced and promoted to blockchain communities and crypto currencies.

The online forums and publications which are most read to announce your ICO are: DeepIntoBlockchain, Coindesk,, Cointelegraph, BitcoinMagazine, ico365 (China),, Icocountdown and Wings.

Trading coins platforms that are mostly used are Poloniex, Kraken, Bitstamp and Bitfinex.

Some VC companies just make investments in coins such as Fenbushi Capital (China) or, for instance, the popular Tyler Howard Winklevoss. This creates less compliance problems and less time restrictions to invest. Where pre-sale is concerned, they can gain from vital discounts and also, when they are sold, tokens offer almost instant liquidity.