Building The New Internet

Cloud Token ICO, Join the crowdsale –

It is not about an “ICO”.

We know it’s a hot buzz word now and everyone is using it.

We are building a new internet.

No seriously.

I know there is a great episode on a popular TV show about that…. But we are actually doing it.

You see, blockchain tech made it possible.
With blockchain, you don’t need to have centralized mega server farms ruled by mega corporations.

Every PC, every phone, every connected washing machine becomes a small part of a supercloud, a contributor of storage and processing power and services just by downloading one of our GridNodes and becoming a Cloud Contributor.

Your computer “donates” resources to the cloud when its idle or during nighttime and you make continuous income from this contribution.

This is where the Cloud cryptocurrency comes in.

It will become the standard payment method for this blockchain Crowd Cloud.

It has to be smart to reward each contributor for their relative share of the contribution….

It sounds complex but it is actually very possible today.

So, we are raising up to $300m to bootstrap the new internet.
It sounds a lot but it is nothing compared to the what the big companies spent on cloud server farms… it will allow us to reach the critical mass to ignite viral growth.

We will predominately use it for massive global deployment of GriodNodes and R&D and promotion.

It will create a much better internet, much better cloud.
Cheaper, over 90% cheaper… as cloud services will become a commodity.
Safer, more private…. It will be the people’s cloud… the crowd cloud as =we call it.

Now this is not just another ICO. It is a real crowdfunding event.
It is the people financing their own internet future. It is amazing.
And the cool part id that the Cloud currency will actually mean something…

It will be tied to the new Cloud growth. The more people will join this cloud – the more Cloud tokens will be used and the value of it will rise and liquidity will increase.

This is not a dream and not in the far future.
We already have the first phase of the service up and running and making the cloud services accessible to the rest of us, to the most common internet users. It already works.
The Cloud token will be put to immediate use and will create immediate liquidity through it.
This makes this currency into a real currency – with substance behind it.

The ICO will simply finance the realization of the dream to the fullest.
If we get less – we simply deploy slower. But this vision HAS to happen.

We think ICOs are a great new crowdfunding method.
We think this HAS to be regulated but not to the point of killing it…
If anything, crowd funding has proven regulation can be self-governed by the crowd.